Sacred Healing



When you hear the word voice as a woman and survivor, what comes up for you?

As a child my voice was quite stifled. I was not taught or encouraged to verbally articulate my innermost feelings or my truth in an empowered, supported way. Instead I instinctively expressed my inner voice through the mediums of dance and art. It was not until I was in my 30’s that I developed the courage and skill to speak my truth.

For me, “voice” is the communication of the Inner Divine Animating Presence of Self/God/Source. The voice must be expressed, as it is part of the soul’s purpose in incarnating. The voice comes through the modalities of the arts and uninhibited primal expression. When the voice is stifled, the Life Force is stifled. When the voice is empowered, the Life Force can flow through with ease and bring the medicine that needs to come through.


Tell us a story about a time you roared.

The first time I ever accessed a true Primal Roar was birthing my first child. I was 25. I chose to birth naturally, and was initiated into the mother tribe by birthing my son. I chose to feel it all, in its full intensity. There was nothing that could have prepared me for those sensations. I felt like I was giving birth to the entire universe. And I was.

At a certain point, I had to fully release my resistance to the psychedelic intensity and let Source take over. I went deep within and surrendered to the force moving through me. My animal body roared and released lifetimes of stifled energy as I became fully activated in my power.

My roaring brought my son through.

I never lost the ability to roar since then. it’s only gotten more ferocious.


Golden, you have become such a fierce voice for women in the sharing of your story and your recovery process. What has it been like you for to open up in such an authentic way?

It's been profoundly healing for me. When I decided to publicly document my healing journey, the only way that felt right for me was to be transparent and honest. At first I was worried I would scare people, but I thought - if I die, I need these things to be known. My social media became my public diary. I stopped worrying so much about how people would perceive me, or if they would like me, or even be interested in my journey.

I found the more I let go, shared vulnerably and spoke my truth - the more people vibrated in and resonated with what I was expressing. I received a flood of messages on my posts, and people began privately sharing their most vulnerable secrets with me.

We’ve claimed social media as sacred space now. We are healing together, globally. I call it ‘virtual ritual’. It’s an energetic thing. As an artist, I utilize art as medicine, my posts become my body of work.

Before I make each post, I pray over it at my altar. Each piece is an expression of Source moving through me. I have realized the medicine is not just for me- it’s for everyone.


What roaring women have been a source of hope and healing for you?

As I think about it, I realize the first few women that come to mind were often quiet and subtle in their fierce roaring. My grandmother, Frida Kahlo, Harriet Tubman, and my best friends (they’re hella loud roar-ers though, haha), Anandamayi Ma, andJeannine Parvati Baker.

As I think of all the many inspirations in my life, I recognize that roaring takes on infinite forms. I am still cultivating the fire of the roar that unapologetically takes up space and commands respect. it was intentionally programmed right out of us since birth.


If you could give your 12 year old self a message, what you say?

First I would hold her and hug her for a verrrrry long time. I would stroke her hair and cuddle a kitten with her. I would then take her to the ocean where we’d swim and giggle like mermaids in the waves for hours. Then, as we lay in the sand, salty and happy, I would say: 

"oh my beloved innocent, beautiful child, it’s ok that they don’t understand you, or SEE you. They simply don’t get it. You’re riding an entirely different wave, my love. Your ultra-sensitivity and creativity are your superpowers, cultivate them with devotion. It doesn’t matter how odd everyone thinks you are. It’s safe to follow your heart. Source is eternally holding you, even when you feel alone, even in the darkness, even when you are scared. YOU ARE LOVABLE. You are Love!!! Your body is a temple, deserving respect. You are on a sacred mission. In life, you will overcome unimaginable challenges that you will live to tell and you will help many people. You are here to learn, to love yourself, and to help others learn to love themselves. No matter what, never ever ever give up. When you are surrounded by darkness, remember YOU are the light."


Someone hands you a microphone to tell the world of women. These are the last words you will ever say. What are they?

Remember the truth of who you truly are. You are not this body, this gender, this orientation, this nationality or ethnic background. You are not your job title, career path, your name, or your persona. You are Source materialized in a human body, having an earthly experience. You are an infinite being having a finite experience, playing the role of human being. You are on a sacred mission. Your only real “job” here is to learn how to love yourself unconditionally, which occurs as we awaken from Divine Forgetfulness. As we unravel from illusion, programs, and constructs, we remember our True Divine Nature. Each of us is holy, divine, and sacred. When we remember this, we can’t help but BE in our true nature, which is Infinite Love. and once we recognize our cup is so full it’s spilling over, we then automatically joyously beam infinite love to everyone indiscriminately. 

This is the work. This is the healing.

I am you. You are me. We are god.

Golden Drake is an artist, breast cancer survivor, dancer, and spiritual teacher. 

instagram: @goldenawakening