Join our FWWR campaign

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If you consider yourself to be a women who roars or want to support women who do—then we would love to partner with you to bring this print publication, podcast, and real life events to more women around the world.

This campaign includes amazing rewards like a pre-order copy of the second issue, FWWR swag, an Exclusive FWWR Membership, and so much more that you won’t want to miss! Be the first to join us in a movement that will change the world.

So far, FWWR has been bootstrapped, but as we grow this movement we need your partnership to turn this big vision into reality. We also love to idea of including you in the growth of this brand. For Women Who Roar is made for you and ultimately of women's stories. Therefore your funding and support is saying:

I believe in the power of voice and support women who roar everywhere.

For women who roar is for every single woman that knows what it feels like to roar passion as well as pain. To give up a thousand times and show back up again. This is their story. Their art. Their words. Their truth. This is for the women who roar.