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Megan Febuary is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of For Women Who Roar™. Her passion around storytelling began at a young age with her own creative journey in writing and art as a form of healing trauma. Her M.A. in Theology and Culture with an emphasis on Trauma, body, and integration was around the stories our bodies hold, but are unable to say out loud. She is currently working up the bravery to publish her first book.


NIKKI TAJARI, Poet + Artist

Nikki Tajiri is a poet and artist, who creates through healing her own relationship with her femininity. She Dreams When She Bleeds: Poems About Periods is her first book.Nikki is someone who discovered the power and beauty of her own menstruation, and calls for women everywhere to fall in love with theirs. Her poetry has been featured by various menstrual activists and organizations, including Planned Parenthood.

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ALICIA DARA, Speech + Presentation Coach

Alicia Dara is a nationally recognized speech and presentation coach. Corporate clients include Microsoft (where she is a vendor), Kimpton Hotels, Planned Parenthood, and Premera. Private clients include the National Women's Political Caucus and members of Amazon, Merrill Lynch, Seattle Trade Commission, and Windermere Realty.


LAURA CLISE, Founder + CEO of Intentionalist

Laura Clise is the Founder and CEO of Intentionalist. She is a corporate intrapreneur turned social entrepreneur with a passion for instigating impact at the intersection of business and society. Prior to founding Intentionalist, she held a variety of corporate roles leading sustainability, corporate responsibility, supplier diversity, and external communications.



She is currently the Ministries Assistant at Westminster Woods. Having grown up at The Woods, Cassie is excited to be back in a place that is so dear to her heart. Working with the Ministries Department, Cassie is helping create opportunities for campers of all ages to come and encounter God in the Redwood Forest.

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CHEALE VILLA, founder of Visual Caffiene

Bi-Coastal Entrepreneur SEA ✈️ CLT | Brand + Design | | Founder & Visionary Rabbit | Marketing | Graphic Design Business Brand Strategy. Visual Caffeine is a full service Boutique Brand + Design agency in Charlotte! We exist to help small and medium sized businesses create & manage strong brands that make competition an illusion.


Tiffany Nickel, Artist + Advocate

Tiffany Nickel is a full time fine artist who paints women who are survivors of an act of violence Her work touches on how being vulnerable can bring power and confidence to their lives. As a female artist, I believe embodying a change in the way women are viewed as my province.


Allie Wang, Creative Consultant

Allie (SEA + HTX) operates a multipurpose creative studio with a special focus on brand, outdoor, and event photography. She is a sucker for negative space, dark skies, and tartan shirts.


Jessica Brauer, writer

Jessica Brauer is a Wyoming-based writer with a passion for living, learning and storytelling in pursuit of the full expression of the human experience. She travels often, talks to her dog and never met a brunch she doesn’t like. You can read more of her work on relationships, mindfulness, healing and the pursuit of her best life at and watch her circus in real-time on Instagram @jessicaebrauer.


Jade Crosby, Singer + Talk Show Host

Jade is an Atlanta-based singer, actress, and talk show host for the upcoming show, Coffee with Jade. From advocating animal rights to women empowerment, Jade is a passionate activist in hopes to spread positive change through creativity.


Shanae elaine, Poet

Shanae’s writing allows her to connect all of herself as a woman: daughter, sister, friend, mother, partner. It is her courage to be exactly who she is and to show up as the heroine in her own story.

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Corissa Saint Laurent, Speaker + professional coach

Corissa empowers female entrepreneurs and professionals by helping them find and free their inner voice, align themselves to their purpose, and create more joy and success in their life and work. She recently launched her newest course, Hear Me Roar, which we OBVIOUSLY love!


Fran Matteini, Modern-day Mystic + CEO of the Moonlight Media Agency

Fran combines her business knowledge with her inner powers to give online entrepreneurs the help they need to scale their online business. She practices astrology and works with the moon phases to assure that any steps you take, on your everyday life are the most powerful they can be. She is also a former Virtual Assistant, Online Marketing mentor, VA Coach, and now has opened her own online agency where she offers her online + offline services with her exclusive retreat planning service in London). You can reach her at

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Lisa Magill, Co-Founder & COO of Aleria

Lisa Magill tackles real-world problems with innovative and impactful solutions. As Co-Founder and COO of Aleria, she is currently leveraging her passions and expertise to help take the guesswork out of diversity & inclusion.


Itzel Richards, wellness coach

Itzel just started on her coaching journey! She has an immense passion to help those around her by being loving and understanding. She is working hard to learn what she can to have the proper tools and resources to help anyone who comes to her. In her words "For Women Who Roar has helped me find my voice and learn to use it without any shame!"


Shannon Dux, Marketing + Advertising Professional

Shannon is a Detroit-based Marketing & Advertising professional with nearly 15 years of experience in strategy, research & multi-media program implementation & oversight. With a strong philanthropic mind-set, Shannon hopes to make an impact having worked with animal shelters, Veteran rehabilitation, and of course women’s needs and rights.


Elizabeth McKinney, Writer + Poet

Elizabeth is a budding writer using poetry to explore her thoughts on the symbiotic relationship between humans and language. She has been published in From the Writer's Kitchen.

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Liz Kimball, Founder of The Collective for Women Creatives

Liz Kimball is a relentless enthusiast, writer, creativity and performance coach, director, and speaker. Founder of The Collective for Women Creators, Liz is devoted to guiding thoughtful creatives, creative thought leaders, and mission-driven trailblazers to their next wave of creative excellence. Her work has been published on and W42nd Street Magazine, and she explores the complexities and possibilities of creative process, nonlinear career paths, and creating a future we can't wait to wake up to at and on instagram @lizkimball.


Kaily Serralta, Marketing Consultant + Strategist

Kaily Serralta is an adventurer, marketing consultant and strategist. She collaborates with teams to unpack challenges and convert into marketing strategies for impactful opportunities. Her passion is infusing strategy and creativity with rooted values in inclusivity, diversity, and equity.


Sharon Suh, Professor of Buddhism

Sharon A. Suh is a Professor of Buddhism at Seattle University, a Mindful Eating-Conscious Living facilitator and trained in trauma-informed yoga. Her memoir, Occupy This Body: A Buddhist Memoir is coming out shortly.


Srilata Remala, Founder of the maternal coalition

Srilata is the Founder + Executive Director of The Maternal Coalition whose goal is to systematically change the way healthcare is delivered to mothers and to ensure that all mothers have access to just and equitable care.


Alicia Crumpler, Professor + Poet

Alicia Crumpler is a Professor of Criminal Justice at the College of Sequoias in California. She has had poetry published in For Women Who Roar, and a short story in an upcoming issue of The Bangalore Review. When not teaching, she can be found reading, taking photographs, playing the flute, or trying to make words stick to paper. She lives in Central California with her wife and two fury kids. You can find her most her recent published work in our first FWWR poetry Ebook: LGBTQ Poems.


Stevie Rotella, Seattle-based Photographer + Storyteller

Stevie is a Seattle-based photographer, storyteller, mother, and studio owner! Her photography is her self-expression, her medium to support non-profits & causes that work to create a better world, and her favorite way of making new friends!

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Amanda Ford, Strength Coach + Poet

Amanda Ford is a strength coach with a penchant for philosophical pontification, a poet with a dancing addiction, a late-bloomer fascinated by street art. She believes in doing her best with what she's got and sees all of life as art.

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Makenzie Davies, Co-Founder + CEO of Davies + Dixon

As co-founder + CEO of Seattle’s davies + dixon, Makenzie manages the team of digital marketing experts and leads the company’s global business development efforts. Prior to co-founding d+d, she worked in New York with Avon and Kaplow Communications and in Chicago with publishing brands like Time Out Chicago.


Elena Nebreda, Business Owner + Sales Rep

Elena sells kisses at, is the author of How To Survive Reverse Culture Shock (on Amazon!) and currently sells advertising at the coolest magazine out there: For Women Who Roar.


Sarah Sturino, Pilates Instructor

Sarah is roaring in multiple roles as a mother, a pilates instructor, and helping guide Women’s Wellness Retreats. She is currently working on certifications for Reiki and Movement for Trauma. Check out her site to learn more about upcoming classes and retreats!


Joy Hilliker, Writer + Psychotherapist

Joy Holt-Hilliker is a Psychotherapist in Private Practice and Writer based in Seattle, WA. She believes that we are both wounded and healed in relationship when we have ample space to explore and develop language around our narrative, agency, vitality and hope.


Adrienne Rabena, Founder of Bohemian Studios + The Craft of Teaching Yoga

Adrienne Rabena is a Seattle entrepreneur and yoga & fitness thought leader. She is the founder, owner, and master trainer for The Craft of Teaching Yoga and Bohemian Studios. Adrienne is also a lead instructor for Alo Moves.


Camille Hereth, Badass Babe Female Entrepreneur

She provides sex coaching to women at her business Sacred Sensual Soul ( Her soul’s work there is to help women feel comfortable and confident with their sexuality, their desires, and to learn how to communicate with their partners about these topics. She strives to help women find their inner goddess and be fully reflective of all that they are.

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Heidi Rogers, Owner + Lead Stylist

After 14 years working for the NW's largest salons and spas, as an elite stylist and an advanced training educator, Heidi was ready to go out on her own. My previous positions gave me the expertise and artistic eye to become the stylist and entrepreneur she today, She opened Savoir Faire in February of 2012 and is committed to giving back and serving her community.


Mahvash Khajavi-Harvey, Dentist + Writer

Dr. Mahvash Khajavi-Harvey is a general dentist in private practice for 25 years in Seattle, Washington. She is a part time affiliated faculty at UW school of dentistry. She is the author of "Daylight Forever,” which is being published soon. Her memoir is about the struggles of refugees and immigrants in our current volatile climate.


Kirsten Morrison, Confidence Coach + Breathwork Facilitator

Kirsten is a Confidence Coach & Breathwork Facilitator from Brisbane, Australia. She supports women by teaching them to unlock core confidence so they can stop questioning where they are in life, get out of the self doubt cycle, heal their past, let go of worrying what others think and discover their worth to make their dreams a reality.


Michelle Young, Women’s Wellness Educator

Michelle’s mission is to empower women to care deeply for themselves so they can live their best lives and give their best gifts to the world. She offers online workshops, classes, and one-on-one private mentorship opportunities that are designed to help women embrace who they are and the life they have, explore tools for how they can best care for themselves, and develop simple strategies to put those tools into everyday practice.



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