Glue, Tape, and String


By. Briana Griffin


I feel angry
Like punching some
Lost forlorn memory of shivering loneliness
And an ever-present reminder that I’m not worth it

Angry and sad
Compassionate and cuntly
I will eat you alive
Yet sow your wounds shut
I am broken
I am taped and glued and strung together
And pieces of me keep breaking off

Until I don’t think I can fall apart much more 

But somehow I am reglued, retaped, and restrung together 

Briana Griffin was raised in the SF Bay Area, from age 5 writing became an outlet in a traumatic and abusive home life. She writes as medicine for herself, but also with hopes to show young girls and women alike that any form of expression can be theirs, no matter what designated “talent” they may feel limited to. We are all artists flowing in movement to the wild womanly wisdom that exists within our very blood, bones, and spirit.