Stuttering is Sacred


By: Megan Febuary

There are some words, when said out loud,
that make you stutter, some strands of sentences
so brave that your mouth must pause to awe.
I started stuttering a few years ago when I began to tell the truth.
Who knew stuttering was so sacred?
This is what happens when you tell stories from the ground up,
you breathe in the grit and cough.
It reminds you that you’re human. 


Megan Febuary is the Editor-in-Chief of For Women Who Roar. As a trauma survivor, Megan found words, movement, and art to be a crucial part of her healing process, and wanted to extend that platform to many other women who have a story to roar as well. She has facilitated women's writing and poetry groups, as well as yoga workshops focused on embodiment and trauma recovery. She is currently finishing her first book of poetry to be released in early Fall 2018.

IG: @meganfebuary

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