For Women Who Roar is a digital and print magazine featuring the voices, experiences, and art of women. If you consider yourself a women who roars, then this for you. The name was born from a poem written by Founder, Megan Febuary about the experience of being woman in a society that is scared of the female voice, power, and presence.

I know it scares you to see me get angry. To hear a woman scream and howl and lose her mind. But I’ve been told to be quiet most of my life. Voice muffled and whispering. So now I’m yelling every chance I get to make up for the silence. Like a lion. Let lose from her cage. Roaring and free.
— Megan Febuary

This poem was the starting point to a much bigger and expansive vision, something all women could be a part of building together through the power of storytelling. We believe the voices of women can change the world and this brand is the mic drop for that. 

About the Founder


Megan Febuary is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of For Women Who Roar™. Her passion around storytelling began at a young age with her own creative journey in writing and art as a form of healing trauma. As a storyteller, content curator, and art director, Megan’s vision For Women Who Roar™ was born from a desire to see womxn’s stories empowered and elevated. Her M.A. in Theology and Culture with an emphasis on Trauma, the body, and integration was around the stories our bodies hold, but are unable to say out loud. Megan has been featured in magazines, podcasts, and panels around the power of voice. As a content curator and social media marketer, she has established several digital platforms with clear brand vision and content direction. Her passion for holding space for women to share their stories has shown itself through publications, hosting creative events and retreats, moderating panels and podcasts, as well as participating in art residencies. She is currently writing her first book that will be released in 2019.

Want to hear more of Megan’s story and the birth of FWWR? Listen to her interview on the How To Human podcast here.