Higher Self

image2 (1).jpeg

By. Rachel Ancar

“Higher Self” is probably my most “inward looking” painting I have made. To me, it is an honest piece about who I am and who I wish to become. The woman in the painting laying on the bed represents me and the different colors on her skin represent my chakras (which are unaligned here) and my inability to not let the world around me get to me. This is opposite from the woman shown meditating in the tapestry above her, who has perfectly balanced chakras and is not taking on anything in her surroundings. In a perfect world, we would all have balanced chakras and would not have to work for such harmony. But, in the world that we live in, it is hard to even become aware to the fact that we are energy beings and that if we are in “flowing” the right way, then things start to get wonky within us—this leads to physical diseases manifesting and to us falling further away from our own truth that is inside of all of us. While “Higher Self” is a story about myself, I believe it can also be attributed to every single person who has ever felt anxious, like they have no control, and like nothing ever goes right for them. With this painting, I hope to show that it is not only okay to look inwards to find your own inner power, but that it is encouraged! Inner power brought out leads to inner peace, so don’t be afraid to use it to achieve that peace. 

Rachel Ancar is a spiritual and intuitive artist who mostly works with acrylic paint and also dabbles in other mediums. She creates original pieces with lots of love and lots of Reiki energy.

You can find me at: https://m.facebook.com/rachelancarartist/

Or email/contact me at: ancarrachel@gmail.com