Empowerment is Truly Loving Yourself: Interview with Kiko Eisner-Waters


What are three words you would use to describe yourself and why?

Warm, intense, seasoned. I love people, I'm a Scorpio and I've lived a lot of life.

What lights you up and inspires you to be the person you are?

Art and design, my crew, making a difference.

Tell us a story about a time you felt silenced and about a time that made you roar. 

I was often silenced because people didn't expect me to have strong opinions as a small Asian-American woman, it especially made my superiors uncomfortable. I had to adjust to suit the comfort level of others. I think this is a common reality of a GenX woman, but the paradigm shifts coming from mindfulness culture, #metoo, contemporary spirituality, etc are remarkable today, I'm so grateful that I get to witness, learn from and evolve myself as a result now. 

I'm roaring today!  Having just started my own social enterprise. I’m building a lifestyle brand for those who love art and design and know it can be used as a force for good.

How do understand empowerment? How does it show itself in your day to day life?

Empowerment is truly loving yourself. If you can treat yourself with love and respect–your impact on the world will be great no matter what your ambition is. 

If you could tell women one thing today what would it be?

Nothing lasts forever, try not to be afraid of the unknown. 

What advice would you give to your younger self that you wish you had received?

You are never going to achieve true, joy, freedom and success on your own terms unless you love yourself first. You are your own healer. And spend money on people who can help you. You are worthy.

Kiko Eisner-Waters is not one thing, a multi-passionate designer, stylist, curator, cook, feminist and mom. She is a joy seeker, has been to Burning Man 12x’s and has an equal zest for home and travel. Her guilty pleasures are contemporary spirituality books and blogs, but she can’t meditate to save her life.  At present Kiko is combining her skills and passions to make a difference in the world through her start-up business, The CURA co. On most days you can find her at her conscious lifestyle boutique and gallery in Central Seattle. If she’s not there, she’s likely at one of the neighborhood cafes working on strategies to create a bigger impact community because she knows we’re stronger together.