Whispers of the Heart


By. Sunita Sahoo

When I look back on my past

I see shards of betrayal

Arrows of deception

Shot right through my heart

Pierces deep

Love bleeds

Profusely in the form of tears

Trust burns

In the turbulent flames of rage

Dark and murky clouds of disappointments

Hovers over mind, so thick

Even a faint gleam of hope is obscured

Slowly, they accumulate

Leading to heavy downpour

Of repressed emotions

Accompanied by

Jolts of unpleasant memories

And thunderous wails

In the end

I find my heart drowned

In a fathomless pool

Of eternal solitude and woeful melancholy.

As days pass by

I watch the clouds

Slowly drifting away

Tiny sparks of courage

Twinkling in the darkness

A Bonfire of Change

Enlightens my spirit

Strengthens my resolve

Rekindles the hope

Once lost in the wilderness.

Sunita works as a Senior Software Engineer. She hails from Odisha, India and loves writing poems of all genres. Her works have been published in Indian Periodical, Poets Choice Zine, Eleventh Transmission and Poesis. Most of her poems are based on her real life experiences, profound
reflections of human mind, dreams and burning social issues. She loves writing inspirational and motivational poems and tries to spread the optimism to the larger mass never to GIVE UP! Apart from the above, she also loves composing short fantasy themed ballads for children.