casual sex with a Molotov girl


By. Jodie Timms

salt tequila kisses

and good bad decisions;

we made friends in the dark

when i showed you my teeth.

after one, two, ten shots, we

crack open our ribs

throw flares off cliffs

howl as we watch them

fall off the edge of the world

watch me–

i’ll make the street lamps pop

glass confetti for us–

the new immortals–

i’ll suck blood from your cuts and

stash it under my tongue.

i’ll let it cover the razor blades i kept there

since i first learned to speak.

i’ll sink my claws into your neck–

just sink your teeth between my bones–

i’ll be so good to you.

i’ll stroke your hair when i start the storm.

i’ll hold your hand when i change the tides.

i’ll kiss you soft–the way you like–

when we light roman candles

with the flames of our past.

for us, there’s no history.

no monuments.

there’s now.

and now.

and now.

Jodie Timms was born and raised in Manchester, England, and is now based in Scotland, where she is pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh. Find her on Twitter: @poemsbyjodie