Body Insecurities


By. Aglaée Jacob

it’s common

for women

to have insecurities

about their body

but it is NOT normal

it’s common

because we are pretty much 

raised this way

it’s common

because the ads, magazines, and social media

make us feel this way

it’s common 

because society

has made the outside

more important than the inside

but it is NOT normal

because your body 

is simply

your vessel

to live your life

and also because you have

very little control

over how your body looks

and most importantly because

you are so much more




i’m sorry

if you feel like your body

wasn’t << thin / toned / curvy >> enough

or was too << fat / skinny / ugly >>

i wish 

you could see

what I see

when I look at you

you are beautiful

exactly as you are

your heart & soul 

radiate              SO MUCH

                     love     &      light

you are



your body is a precious gift

it’s the only one you have

and there’s only one of you

AND the world needs YOUR light

so please treat your body

like a friend

you don’t have to find it


you don’t even have 

to love it

but you can appreciate it

after all, it’s the only thing

that has been there for you

since the day you were born

so treat her well

be kind & gentle to her

nourish her as best as you can

speak encouraging words to her

be there for her

the way you wish


was there

for you

your body 

is truly doing

the best

that she can

and so are you

~ your body still wants to be your friend

Aglaée is a registered dietitian and nutritionist with over 13+ years of experience, and the author of Digestive Health with REAL Food. As someone who has dealt with her fair share of digestive and hormonal issues, including IBS, SIBO, and PCOS, she learned to heal her digestive issues by developing her own natural and holistic protocol, which she outlines in her book. In addition to these health issues, Aglaée overcame nearly two decades of disordered eating and poor body image and has now recovered from binge eating disorder. Today, Aglaee is passionate about helping people struggling with health issues and helping women heal their relationship with food and their bodies—and the space where those two problems converge. Now that she healed herself, she loves eating (chocolate, plantains and cheese are her favorite foods!), yoga, traveling, practicing her Spanish and spending time in nature (>>> glimpses of her life here on Instagram).