I'm Sorry

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By. Aglaée Jacob

i’m sorry

i’m sorry things have been






i’m sorry you felt




      less than…



     frustrated at the whole world…

i’m sorry

it had to be this way

NONE of this is your fault

you deserve SO much better

but i also know

that you’ve got this

i also know

that you have 

everything you need

inside of you

i also know 

that good things

are coming

look at yourself

in the mirror

and think of everything

you have overcome

look into your eyes

dive into your soul

smile at yourself

you’re here

you matter

you are safe

you are never really alone

you are always protected

if you ask yourself


the answer is: 

   you’re here

     to feel alive

        and remember love

so today, look for love

in all of its shapes and forms, and disguises

i promise love is there

i guarantee love will find you 

     … if you just let it

today, let love find you again

Aglaée is a non-diet dietitian, a heart & soul nutritionist, a self-love guide, and the author of the book & cookbook ‘’Digestive Health with REAL Food’’.  After overcoming physical issues, mental health challenges and almost 2 decades of binge eating disorder, she founded Radicata Nutrition to help women heal from the inside out by nourishing ALL parts of their Self: body + mind + heart + soul.