Thigh Gap Poem


By Jessica Robinson

Thigh gap, noun
a space between the upper thighs of a person standing with
their legs together
(typically used in reference to the female body)

1.Millie’s thigh gap signaled that she was far too skinny. Or was she
to be praised?

2. Don’t worry about not having a thigh gap, we can show you
some poses to create one.

I never knew of my bias,
theirs was always clearly there
to keep me skinny or remind me
that the way I was would never be good enough
for the gaze of approval I longed for
as my shape became that of a woman
and the curves shaped how I was seen

My dress the same length as the fabric
covering my flamingo friends
whose legs were regarded as
worthy for a survey, mine tell
the story with scars, bumps,
veins not to be confused with a bruise
that I’ll politely tell you is not what you think,

Those veins are my story, those veins
a receipt of the time I tried to comprehend
why they said “Her parents fixed this,
she shouldn’t have won” or the way my
cheerleading skirt was a little shorter
because my butt is so there,

it’s just there
I may not understand how my experience
does not equate to the ability to give
myself a break, even when i’m dressed
just the same as any other beauty,
but I check my skirt twenty times
to make sure my thighs aren’t too bare.
I’m glad it’s there,

I’m glad my story is a part of every woman’s
journey through life as we measure to
measure up to standards we never knew
were set for us before we existed,
the tape that tells of our worth is
unable to imagine the vast nature
of the woman’s body

every line, every crook,
every crease tells her story,
tells my story, we are more
than just numbers, more than
calories, we are grace

You can find more of Jessa’s amazing poetry on her IG @jessalittlepoetry