Healing From You


By: Hannah Uiri

The bruises on my hips faded,

the little cuts between my legs

stitched together with new skin.

My sore pelvis rested and renewed.

Each time my body mended.

But I’m still healing

from you.

I’m still learning how to be

at home in my own skin.

At times wearing it proudly,

at times wearing it like sin.

I was told I was wrong

to tell you no.

It was my duty after all.

You spread my legs

as I clung to the wall.

Your pleasure, they said,

was my responsibility.

Their lies brainwashed my head,

and now it’s taking years

to undo what they did.

I’m fighting

for all the pieces of myself

they told me I should have hid.

This is my story.

This is my truth.

And I’m still healing

from you.


Hannah Uiri is a California native that discovered her voice and catharsis through writing prose poetry and the occasional personal essay. When she’s not writing, she trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, attends open mic nights and enjoys traveling with her partner. You can read her published work on her website. 

IG: @HannahUiri Website: HannahUiri.com 


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