The Blank Space

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By. Jenny Wade

How does the hollow girl lament?

How does one find the essence of nothing-ness?

There are no words for the despair of the 


The empty girl opens her mouth

And there is nothing there.

Nothing profound. 

No lyrics that stun.

Just space. 

The space of shock. 

The blank space that comes

After the car crashes

After the deer

Hits the windshield




Suspended in air. Every cell holding its breath. 

She doesn’t have substance

So, I create an altar of air

Nests and clouds and smoke and empty thought bubbles

And bow to the spaces between the spaces

Where she gasped at the horror

But I never saw the crash

Just the blinding aftermath. 

The stars dancing in my head. 

A beautiful distraction.

A blissful dream between dreams. 

A cushion to violence. 

Confusion rots under the surface of the blank. 


Jenny Wade is a licensed Mental Health Counselor and founder of Haven Yoga. As a therapist and teacher she helps individuals to combat negative body image, reconnect to their bodies in the aftermath of trauma, and develop a deep trust in their body and inner voice. She believes that all bodies are good and is on a mission to help every person learn to come home to their body. When she is not working, she can be found cooking and sharing delicious meals, crafting the perfect playlist to suite her mood, and practicing yoga.

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