Take My Darkness. Take My Light

morgan cecil photo.JPG

By. Morgan Day Cecil

Take my darkness,

take my light and wrap it in your love.

Show me the way back to my own hidden wholeness.

Keep returning me here.

When I wander away

looking for some other drink

to quench my longing for belonging,

bring me back to the well within

that never runs dry.

To the body I always belong to.

Meet me at this well

and look at me with

eyes love.

Remind me it's safe to speak my truth.

Promise me what only you can promise me and hold me against your sacred beating heart

until I believe you.

Morgan Day Cecil is an expert in Feminine Wholeness, guiding women back to freedom and joy in their bodies through her one-on-one Sophia Embodied program and on transformative Sophia Retreats around the world. She lives is in Portland, OR with her handsome hubs and two kids.