The Tooth + Mountain poems

Dorothée Sophie Royal.png

By. Dorothée Sophie Royale


If you're only interested in the power of light, 

you're missing half of life. 

If you're enamored with the warrior, 

don't forget his wife. 

For the colors of the brightest flowers 

Come from deep within their roots.

The tigers breath, a fiery smile 

Comes also with the tooth.


Woman: Why are you pretending that you're not powerful? 

That you don't have the ability, 

no, the responsibility to summon the winds and waters?

 I know, I know,

 you were told you are not powerful. 

You were told that you don't have power. 

But that's like telling a mountain it can't move.

You and I both know that before any human on earth was born, 

something mighty moved to make that mountain. 

It IS the movement. 

And you ARE the power. 

Dorothée Sophie Royal is a writer, producer, medicine maker, and mother. She is the founder of MoonTentCo, a space of self care for women of power. She hosts the monthly #moonwisepodcast and was recently selected as one of 50 Women Can Change the World in Media and Entertainment.