An Unflinching Tale of a Lone Warrior


By. Sunita Sahoo

Imagine you are imprisoned in a dark room

With no one beside you

That profound silence

Eerie atmosphere

Forlorn heart

Drenched in eternal solitude

Chaotic mind

Trapped in a web of delusion

That feeling of desperation

Mixed with perpetual fear

And endless wails

Till you run out of strength.

That's how Depression engulfs you

Step by step!

You discover a small vent in the room

Inquisitive and curious, you take a tiny peek

Lo and Behold!

You feel

The warm sunlight

The invigorating air and

A faint aroma of the blue chamomile!

This feeling of ecstasy

Heart's submerged in blissful rhapsody

Mind rests in tranquil poise

The once so powerful and overwhelming fear

Now seems evanescent.

The misty rays passing through the vent

Has rekindled the courage,

Once sitting dormant within you.

Like a gallant soldier on the battlefield

You make a contemplated move

To be rescued from the clasp of the murky darkness.

This is what YOU are capable of

And so much more!

Defy all odds

Break free from the shackles of emotional subjugation

Let the spark of self-exploration ignite your soul

‘Cause my friend, you've only got today

For the word "tomorrow" seems too vague!

Sunita works as a Senior Software Engineer. She hails from Odisha, India and loves writing poems of all genres. Her works have been published in Indian Periodical, Poets Choice Zine, Eleventh Transmission and Poesis. Most of her poems are based on her real life experiences, profound
reflections of human mind, dreams and burning social issues. She loves writing inspirational and motivational poems and tries to spread the optimism to the larger mass never to GIVE UP! Apart from the above, she also loves composing short fantasy themed ballads for children.

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