My Superpower


By. RC deWinter

the beach is harsh on the feet
New England has no regard for the tender
yet i walk these sands again and again
to feel the rhythm of the waves
from the bottom up

to be reminded
of the activity of the cosmos
to know that change
is constantly occurring
because my own life is static

i have not bathed in days
and revel in the accretions
clinging to my body
evidence that change occurs
even when i do nothing but respirate

i eat ice cream from the carton
wiping drips with a dirty hand
smearing the stickiness onto the jeans
i've worn for a week
proof that something happened

my filth doesn't matter
i see no one no one sees me
my existence causes not a ripple
in the grand scheme of anything

i am invisible

RC deWinter, a superannuated poetry debutante, writes in several genres with a focus on poetry. Her only claim to fame is a decent Twitter following. RC deWinter’s poetry is anthologized in New York City Haiku (NY Times, 2017), Uno: A Poetry Anthology (Verian Thomas, 2002), Cowboys & Cocktails: Poetry from the True Grit Saloon (Brick Street Poetry, April 2019) in print in 2River View, Down in the Dirt, Genre Urban Arts, Meat For Tea: The Valley Review, Pink Panther Magazine, Scarlet Leaf Review, The New York Times and in numerous online literary journals.