Deep Within There Lies a Truth

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By. Tara Soria

When you first find your own small voice tucked away in your being, buried deep under the wreckage of all the shit that has piled on top of it to the point you forgot it was there, it will come as a whisper. 

That small voice will find you in a moment where you used to stay silent, and it will say not this time. It will beckon you to rise, to speak up for yourself. It will come through shaky legs, teary eyes, knotted throat, anxious feelings. 

Then once you are aware of its presence, a frenzy will begin. You will see how it has been germinating all along, and you will delight in it rising to greet the surface. You will feed your voice every chance you get, and it will grow stronger and surer. As you begin to exercise this, you will start to find your truth, and then you will feel you must speak. 

You must speak of all the shit that tried and failed to break you. You must speak so that all those who are still held prisoner by their memories, their scars, and their mindset, will see that there is a different way to live life. Slowly as this sets in, your voice becomes louder, clearer than ever before. 

This is when you find, that you are not where you used to be. And even when you tell your story, loud and proud and without shame, still in your voice are the echoes of those that are not your own. I know you held it in so long, so sing it all my dear. Let it flow out of you until your spirit runs clear. 

It is what must be done for you to be healed. And in healing yourself this way, you let others know they’re not alone. You set them free right with you. And then when you have released all that you held in, this is when the magic happens. 

This is when your voice rings out, in a way you haven’t heard before, yet in a way you feel you’ve known for all eternity. This is when you find yourself speaking of the future with hope, and the present with gratitude, far more often than you speak of anything else. 

This is when you will hear the voice of your soul, as pure and authentic as it came, before being imprinted upon by experience. 

And oh, what glorious sounds.

To hear the birds in the morning, the laughter of a child, the wind through the trees,
the gurgling that signals the pot of coffee is ready for consumption,
crashing waves upon a shore,
and the voice of a woman who dreams bigger than the stars.
Who speaks of where she is headed with a twinkle in her eye and a crystal-clear vision,

because she is free of the weight of where she has been.
And I think, if you just use your voice to speak your dreams and joy and magic into existence, then you’ll finally hear the voice you were always meant to in the first place. 

Tara is a rising woman. Encouraging her children to be honest, happy, free, and true to themselves, ignited her journey into exploring her dreams and power. She’s healing her mental health, self-love, and childhood traumas. She's expanding, and sharing that process with others so that they may do the same.