Photography by Eric Rabena

Photography by Eric Rabena


Words By. Adrienne Rabena

I'm proud of myself

for not biting back

for refusing to use

words as swords

for seeing the human

underneath the hurt

for demanding that 

we do better.

I'm proud of myself

for not taking the bait

for refusing to reject

and deflect 

my own internalized pain

for refusing to find myself

in the same 



and again

for not giving in

to the prods and the jabs,

for holding myself

softly and lovingly.

I'm proud of myself

for recognizing that

the world wants us 

to fight

for refusing to gossip

for calling IN our light

for choosing love even

in the face of hate

for showing up exhausted

but more powerful

than ever.

I'm proud of who I am

an imperfect person who

finally understands

how to hold it all

without being it all

who knows that change takes


and consistency

and love.

change takes love.

change requires love.

change demands love.

so I choose love.

Adrienne Rabena is founder of Seattle’s Bohemian Studios for yoga and barre, and creator of the Barre Bohemian barre method and The Craft of Teaching Yoga.