By. Lauren Venable

Grace, like some Divine favor

gifted by God to the unworthy

The Good Guy in the Sky

handing out love like pardons

But how can you gift me

something I already own?

And why does the good guy get credit

for the magic in my bones?

A whole system in place

to make me forget.

And still, I found Her

The Wild One, Grace.

Omitted from the pages

of your sacred text

I found Her in my body

in waves of tenderness and bliss.

Blossoming between my legs

and blushing in my chest.  

I found Her in the softness of my belly

and the asymmetry of my breasts.

The aching in my womb, relieved

Spectacles of light, not rotten apple seeds

Lost in worlds of pleasure

Dropping deeper into Truth

When it hit me

The problem is you.  

So I’ll free my hips

And delight in honey

Sighs of sweet peace

The ecstasy

Of power, returning.

Lauren Venable is a single mama, meditation teacher, and energy healer living consciously in South Louisiana. Her work in spiritual embodiment empowers women to challenge their stories and shift their energy to experience deep healing. She is an advocate for the Sacred Feminine and encourages present, passionate, turned-on living. Website: / Instagram: Facebook: