Rising Voiceless


By. Tara Sora

I was raised by absence
a sharp tongue
a heavy hand
love in the form of oppression
intended as protection.
I was raised to be still
to be silent
to play small
to be anything but what I am.
Until the day I began to raise myself
and ever since then I have been rising
I rise to meet my highest self where she’s been waiting all along.
To unleash the calling of the voice of truth buried deep within my bones.
I am dancing in the light and the dark simultaneously,
astonished at how it has taken both to get me to this place.
Once more I find myself in the process yet this rising so disparate from the first.
Made up of
Adorning my heart with pure adoration,
coaxing dormant slivers of my truth to the surface to take flight.

Tara is a rising woman. Encouraging her children to be honest, happy, free, and true to themselves, ignited her journey into exploring her dreams and power. She’s healing her mental health, self-love, and childhood traumas. She's expanding, and sharing that process with others so that they may do the same.